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Gorgeous Residential Attic Renovations

Even a Canadian home attic with cathedral style attic insulation requirements can look great and be remodeled with stunning results. We all know the attic rooms are the coziest and most intimate rooms in the house. Book a time with our attic renovations expert for sound advice and planning tips.

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Quality residential attic insulation – protection far above the obvious!

Many assume that attic insulation just insulates a house from the cold. This is just a small part of what insulation accomplishes. More than the cold, it is the heat that really does most of the damage if your attic isn’t well insulated.


Attic Ridge Ventilation – 100% Wind Powered

Let’s keep it green, shall we? This attic ventilation system uses 100% wind power  Zero electricity. This  effective attic ventilation system is the best method to keeping your attic healthy. Works in conjunction with continuous roof soffit vents.


Out with the bad

Attic ridge ventilation keeps your living space comfortable and eliminates moisture damage. 

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Solar. Wind. Geothermal


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Quality residential attic insulation and ventilation services in Toronto and the GTA.



After many quotes to stop my roof from leaking, Rick and his team got to the root of the leaks after the others only offered band-aid solutions. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong with the roof. The attic was soaked with trapped moisture caused by poor attic ventilation.

Dr. Judith Shapiro

Clinical Psychologist, Judy has shrunk so many people, she has now started to shrink too at 72

Last summer we had our air conditioner blasting on full every night while trying to sleep. We now know the reason the bedrooms were so hot, it was the heat trapped in the attic. Rick and his crew provided the total solution when 2 other companies only slightly helped.

Ronnie Welsely

Corrections Officer, Ronnie has corrected so many people, he had to correct some spelling mistakes on our website

I felt so glad after learning that the musty odors and ceiling stains in the attic bedroom were caused by moisture buildup under the roof deck. These guys really know what they are doing. I was completely amazed by their work performance and how fast they fixed everything.

Sonia Goldberg

Middle School Teacher, Sonia will send you to the principal's office for the "strap" if you disagree

Think it’s time to change Your attitude about Canadian home energy usage?

The percentages illustrated below strongly suggest the answer is YES!

  • Electricity 38%
  • Natural Gas 45%
  • Other (wood, coal, etc) 15.7%
  • Alternative (solar, wind, etc) 1.3%

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Government grants, solar income plans, and much more . . .


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