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We consider your residential attic a living breathing part of your entire house.

Our no-nonsense scientific understanding gives you the safety and trust you need – and the true ability to solve all your attic insulation and ventilation problems. Completely. 100% Done.

We wanted to supply a rare customer service

We started offering our attic services in response to the high demand for quality contracting. Many homeowners had much difficulty locating contractors that specialized in attic health. Roofing companies (most of them) had no clue, and general home improvement contractors usually overlooked crucial elements in the attic spaces.  We wanted to provide the best choices for you because you must live with the aftermath.


Supplying you with smart choices that work

Over 19 years, we have worked with 100’s of contractors and we have hand-picked the most reliable, educated, and honest of the bunch. You only need to let us know you have a problem and we will handle everything. We will choose the absolute best contractor for you based on the specific problems you are experiencing. You will always receive unbiased information. Based on experience, we believe this is the only way you can most benefit.

Expertly solving the PUZZLE of residential attic insulation / ventilation with education, science, well earned experience, and harmony

Helping homeowners with attic problems for almost 20 years.

Almost 20 years learning about attic health (and residential animal attic safety). During this time, We have consulted with 100’s of attic insulation contractors. Some of these contractors are well-meaning, some are not.

After weeding out the bad, you can rest assured that all the contractors here at Attic Health are top-notch and 100% honest.

We’ve solved the puzzle. Now you can reap the benefits!

Attic insulation and ventilation are strange birds. Why? Because so much happens on the very top of your house.  Think about it for a minute. The roof protects the top of your home from rain and snow.  Below the roof, insulation and ventilation protect your attic from sweltering heat and moisture to keep your entire house fresh and healthy.

Getting down to business with logic, experience, and proven science that works!

Based on research, you as an investor of home improvement services are surely more interested in knowing you can trust the very company you hire. Here at Attic Health, we prefer a more direct approach, namely current information based on facts rather than pretty photos of blue-eyed, smiling model-type families.

Experience matters . . .

We’ve seen it all, after 2 decades of first-hand experience. If your attic is not at peak levels of health, all other areas of your house will suffer and the cost will eventually become overwhelming. We have seen the horrific damage too many times to count – we also know exactly how to solve your unique attic problems while lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Tweet tweet tweet . . . here's what our customers are saying!

After many quotes to stop my roof from leaking, Rick and his team got to the root of the leaks while the others only offered band-aid solutions. There was nothing wrong with the roof. The attic was soaked with trapped moisture caused by poor attic ventilation.

Dr. Judith Shapiro

Clinical Psychologist, Retired

Last summer we had our air conditioner blasting on full every night while trying to sleep. We know the reason the bedrooms were so hot, it was the heat trapped in the attic. Rick and his crew provided the total solution when 2 other companies only offered band-aid solutions.

Ronnie Wesely

Corrections Officer

I felt so glad after learning that the musty odors and ceiling stains in the attic bedroom was caused by moisture buildup under the roof deck. These guys really know what they are doing. I was completely amazed by their performance.

Sonia Goldberg

Middle School Teacher

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Competence in spades . . .

Nothing says “competence” more than educated experience. This is our priority. Our customers are surprised because we find the root causes to their attic problems. After hiring other contractors (all in vain) they are delighted and shocked that we discovered the root causes and were able to permanently end their problems.

Seeing the big picture

We consider your attic as a living, breathing part of your entire house. Your house functions much like a Rubik’s Cube. It is a perfect mechanism. No band-aid repair approach will work. The bigger picture gives us the ability to provide truly helpful service to you, every time.

We are mostly residential, but here are some of our corporate clients

since 1997

Universal Studios


Alpha Laboratories


Agat Laboratories

Dalton Pharma

Rosedale Church

Gerber Group

Johnson Controls

Osram Sylvania

Clorox Canada


Minacs Worldwide

Snap On Tools

McKenzie Construction Group

Shipmaster Containers

Estee Laude


Purdue Pharma

Northam Reality

Quebecor World

Sungard Recovery Ltd

Dufferin Group

Verspeeten Cartage

Astron Packaging


PAR-Med Property Services

The Torgan Group

KTM Locks

Abbott Laboratories

Summit Reit

The Huntley Group



Weston Bakeries

Fidelity Information

Davis & Henderson

Nokia Canada

Cochrane Mfg

Howard Martin Co



International Pharma Works

Rohm & Haas

Frontier Printing Inks

Canadian Bible Society

Royal Le Page Commercial


Canadian Tire Corporation

Aimco Products

Mazda Canada

Sharp Electronics

Magna International

Dana Corporation

Oak Leaf Confections

S.A. Armstrong Ltd

Honeywell Ltd

Standard Life

St Lawrence Cement

Community Living Toronto

Crowne Plaza Hotels

Omron Canada Inc

Electronic Metalform

Brake Parts


Oxford Properties

Canada Ontario Lottery Corporation

AT&T Canada

Government grants, solar income plans, and much more . . .


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