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You may be familiar with the varieties of insulation such as fiberglass, spray foam, etc . . . but let’s talk about WHY attic insulation is so important. What does residential attic insulation mainly accomplish?

Insulation’s main purpose is to:

Prevent or completely stop air temperature from migrating from one area to another area.

Summer sleeping attic insulation comfort

The summer temperature in your bedroom is a comfortable 72 degrees sleeping temperature. The temperature of your attic (just above your bedroom) is very hot, say 140 degrees.  You would not want any of this hot attic air migrating downwards into your bedroom.

Winter attic insulation heat conservation  

If the winter temperature in your bedroom is a cozy warm sleeping temperature. The attic above is very cold, You would not want any of the warm comfy bedroom air escaping up into the cold attic. would not want the cold attic air migrating down into the warm bedroom.


How to best insulate an attic (or any space) in a residential setting can be very complex and should always be handled by educated professionals – so much rides on the outcome!

Moisture must also be considered. Moisture and cold causes ice. Moisture and heat cause humidity. Both of which wreak havoc to materials such as wood, drywall, carpeting, and so on.

As a homeowner and a consumer, the above facts are all you need to know about residential attic insulation. More important for you, as an inhabitant of your home, is to be alert to the temperature and moisture levels in your house.

For example, a client of ours noticed very cold air coming out of her kitchen cabinets during the winter. It creeped her out and made her break out in goosebumps. After some investigation, it was discovered that the cold air was migrating down from the attic because the wrong type of insulation was used in that specific area.

Frequency of temperature change and replacement costs

Simply put, the more often air needs to be replaced to maintain a specific residential interior temperature, the more energy will be required. In turn, this will increase energy consumption. If you desire to lower your heating and cooling costs, you need to hire professionals that intimately understand how to create conditions that reduce the levels  of required energy.

In most cases, a proper balance of attic insulation, moisture control, AND attic ventilation are critical for optimized energy consumption and residential temperature control. Integrating solar components can further the reduction of energy costs.

Your unique house and its specific attic insulation requirements are important and need special consideration. It’s well known that basic government standards are inadequate because they do not account for an unending combination of home designs (including additional renovations). Blanket solutions rarely suffice and the long-term energy costs and moisture damages far exceed the cost of insulating your attic perfectly and precisely.

Attic insulation energy savings for true home comfort

Insulate your attic (or any space) in a residential setting to achieve optimal energy savings. YOU will save money and feel much more comfortable during sweltering summer heat or freezing winter cold.


Insulation's best friend?

Intake and exhaust attic ventilation.


2 birds with one stone!

Get BOTH attic insulation AND ventilation checked for the price of one! Click here for details

toronto home insulation during winter

Annual single family home energy categories and percent usage

The percentages illustrated below strongly suggest the importance of quality home Insulation.

  • Heating 29%
  • Cooling 17%
  • Water Heating 14%
  • Appliances 13%
  • Lighting 12%
  • Electronics 4%
  • Other 11%

After many quotes to stop my roof from leaking, Rick and his team got to the root of the leaks while the others only offered band-aid solutions. There was nothing wrong with the roof. The attic was soaked with trapped moisture caused by poor attic ventilation.

Dr. Judith Shapiro

Clinical Psychologist, Retired

Last summer we had our air conditioner blasting on full every night while trying to sleep. We know the reason the bedrooms were so hot, it was the heat trapped in the attic. Rick and his crew provided the total solution when 2 other companies only slightly helped.

Ronnie Wesely

Corrections Officer

I felt so glad after learning that the musty odors and ceiling stains in the attic bedroom was caused by moisture buildup under the roof deck. These guys really know what they are doing. I was completely amazed by their performance.

Sonia Goldberg

Middle School Teacher

A customized residential attic insulation inspection is easy!

Your attic is unique, So get help from an educated contractor, one capable of presenting you with the unbiased facts based on the real conditions of your attic’s present strengths (or weaknesses).

An attic insulation inspection from Attic Health gives you the perfect opportunity to experience optimized performance and residential energy savings.

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