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Wind-driven attic ventilation: What took so long?

It completely solves attic wood rot, bug infestation, drywall deterioration, water stains, mysterious odors, high energy costs, and a strange feeling that something in your house is just not right.

Why is attic ventilation so important?

Attic ventilation, an almost entirely overlooked component of a healthy attic, can mean the difference between a healthy house and a slow rotting house. Why does proper attic ventilation make such a huge difference?

Attic ventilation allows a sufficient amount of fresh NEW air to constantly circulate throughout your home’s attic. Without this new air being refreshed many silent damaging conditions develop.

 The 2 main conditions that develop:

  • Trapped moisture
  • Trapped heat

 Trapped moisture and heat in the attic can cause major damage:

  • Wood rot
  • Insulation de-composition
  • Pest infiltration (bugs, termites, etc)
  • High home heating and cooling costs
  • Invalid roof shingles warranties
  • Drastic reduction of shingle life
  • Sweltering hot upper floor bedrooms during summer


Is your attic ventilation suffering?

Being that properly installed attic ventilation systems continuously move fresh air in and old damp or hot air out of the attic, you will see and smell signs of decay in the ceilings of your house if your ventilation methods are not working.  .

The first sign of inadequate attic ventilation (visible or unseen) is excess moisture build up.

This abundance of trapped attic moisture will eventually begin to rot the wood (or any moisture absorbing materials) in your home’s construction.

Watch out for these damage signs: 

  • water stains on ceilings and walls
  • musty odors in the upper floors and bedrooms
  • Roof wood rot that shows as buckling roof boards and bubbling roof shingles
  • Ice damming and icicles along the roof eaves
  • Excessive quantities of mold and mildew in upper floors
  • Unusual levels of sneezing and/or coughing, or sickness in the home

Please hire professionals to humanely relocate racoons from your attic.

Early prevention is the best solution!

If you smell or see any of the above-listed conditions contact us immediately. If caught early, the damage can be stopped before major damage prevails.


In with the good

Intake and exhaust attic ventilation.


Out with the bad

Attic ridge ventilation keeps your living space comfortable and eliminates moisture damage. 


From Bottom to top

2 separate and distinct components are critical for effective attic ventilation. Intake and exhaust – and an even ratio of both. Soffit ventilation supplies the intake of fresh air. Ridge ventilation supplies the exhaust of old hot and damp air. Each must be continuous for maximum effect. In other words, they must be installed along the full length of the ridge of the roof and along the full length of the bottom of the eaves area.


Continuous Ridge Ventilation

Continuous ridge ventilation creates the pull or the lift using the wind, much like the Bernoulli’s principle (the reason planes can fly). The wind creates a negative pressure that must be relieved. This relief comes in the form of LIFT. Continuous ridge ventilation creates lift and literally sucks the bad air up and out of your attic. This only works in conjunction with component #2. Continuous soffit ventilation.


Continous Soffit Ventilation

Attic Ventilation is the true solution to keep your attic insulation healthy and always at peak levels of performance.

If continuous ridge ventilation is not structurally possible, more choices are available to you. Some very good, some not good.

residential attic ventilation static roof vent brown

Static Roof Vents

These roof vents create almost zero air movement. Not recommended for an alternative for roof ridge ventilation. In addition, they tend to get plugged with leaves and debris.

residential attic ventilation turbine roof vent

Turbine Roof Vents

Wind-powered and creates good amounts of air movement. Do not install as a replacement for continuous ridge ventilation. Known to cease up if not maintained properly.

attic ventilation gable vents

Gable Vents

Though not technically a roof vent, they act more as an open window to let the breeze enter an attic space. Not recommended if any ridge / soffit ventilation system is currently installed.

residential attic ventilation solar roof fan

Solar Roof Fans

These solar-powered roof ventilation fans create strong air movement. Do not use to replace continuous ridge ventilation, Learn more about  the benefits of solar roof fans.

The Rubik’s Cube Attic Effect

Like a Rubik’s cube, one element affects all others. This true symbiotic relationship is the real key to success. Since attic insulation and ventilation all work in unison, it is imperative to keep them both happy while working together.

Quality attic ventilation protects your home from hazardous conditions. If left unchecked, it will extract many dollars out of your “home maintenance bank account”. Simply put, it means pay small now or pay large later.

As one of Toronto’s leading attic insulation / ventilation referral companies, we specialize in sound contracting practices. Our contractors are hand-selected.  We only employ educated contractors with a solid background of proven experience.

Get Protection from the Pro’s . . .

Be sure to get more information throughout this website regarding insulation, ZERO ENERGY solar energy solutions, roof and attic repair, and the latest home improvement energy-saving information.

Benefit by consulting an educated, well established attic insulation contractor. The health of your entire house may depend on it.

Please be sure to hire professionals to humanely relocate racoons and squirrels from your attic.

After many quotes to stop my roof from leaking, Rick and his team got to the root of the leaks while the others only offered band-aid solutions. There was nothing wrong with the roof. The attic was soaked with trapped moisture caused by poor attic ventilation.

Dr. Judith Shapiro

Medical Psychologist

Ready for an attic ventilation assessment?

Most home renovation companies disregard attic ventilation as much too complex and therefore rarely include it in their estimates. But do not be fooled. Attic ventilation can save you money in energy costs and also guarantee any warranty for the shingles on your house.

Many assume that attic ventilation just insulates a house from the cold. This is just a small part of what insulation accomplishes. More than the cold, it is the heat that really does most of the damage if your attic isn’t well insulated. Why?

Here is the reason why proper attic ventilation protects your ENTIRE house from moisture damage. This damage can easily cost you thousands in repairs due to damp attic spaces, rotting roof decks and framework, including loss of heat from living areas escaping into the attic areas. Pest infiltration can also become a serious costly hazard.

Though the list goes on and on, your attic can only be fully protected by ensuring that you hire a professional for a complete inspection. This inspection will cover everything essential in your attic for outstanding results. Better still – the inspection is absolutely FREE!

Contact us now about your no-charge Attic Health assessment. Oh, and no pushy sales person will bug you.

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