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Homestars Attic Insulation Reviews – Should You Trust Everything You Read?

HomeStars has reached authority status, at least from a search engine point of view. Oh, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, HomeStars is a website that publishes reviews by consumers for local home improvement businesses such as Homestars attic insulation reviews.Their web pages can be seen everywhere online. Just do a search for any type of home improvement business and voila, they are listed on the first page of Google.

Homestars attic insulation reviews are not excluded from typical sneaky website review site shenanigans. For instance, how many business owners ask someone (a friend or neighbour) to post a stellar yet fake review for their business? How many times has a business owner asked a friend or business associate to submit a bad review that will make their competition seem unreliable? You know this happens all the time. Though it is difficult to prove, there are surely some posted Homestars attic insulation reviews less than honest or outright made up out of thin air.


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Do you trust reviews published on business review websites? If you had read dozens of positive Homestars attic insulation reviews about this company, Attic Health, would you believe all of the reviews were truthful and written by real home owners? Have you ever seen a business listed on Homestars that receives countless perfect reviews? You most likely have.

Honestly, here at Attic Health, we said “no thank you” to Homestars. Sure we would like a slew of perfect Homestars attic insulation reviews. But we also do not like allowing anyone to publish false information about us. We certainly don’t think we ought to pay a huge premium monthly fee to them to have extra control over how our company is portrayed on their questionable website.

Another reason why we prefer no Homestars attic insulation reviews

People tend to become loud and exaggerated when they feel ripped off. Happy people tend to relax quietly in their calm satisfaction when treated fairly. In other words, good news travels at 10 miles an hour, bad news travels at 1000 miles an hour. Angry people tend to write more frequently than satisfied people. Therefore, real reviews publish by real people tend to be negative. This alone can give a false impression to readers about a business.  A business owner then needs to contact the customer and try to have the customer change his or her review. This can be very time-consuming. And as we all know: The customer isn’t always right.

“Unfortunately, some people are just never satisfied. You can hand them $1000 on a silver platter and they will complain that the money is all in inconvenient 100 dollar denominations.“

At the end of the day, the fake or exaggerated positive or negative reviews really don’t matter all that much. People are smarter than that. We all know you can’t believe everything people say or write. Another important factor is this: if we (Attic Health) make a mistake we admit it and do whatever it takes to remedy the mistake. We don’t feel that any number of Homestars attic insulation reviews, good or bad, will make any more of a fleeting difference in our proven ability to provide excellent CONSISTENT service to our loyal happy customers.

Just so you know, we did not post this article because of any bad experience with Homestars attic insulation reviews.

We’re just happy people. We do not have a Homestars profile. We never have – for reasons you may now know. We simply prefer to let our reputation and our residential attic insulation duties become honestly discovered.  We are not much interested in being superficially pigeon-holed with easily manipulated Internet tactics. We hope you agree and understand.

Article posted by Richard Woolsey
Expert Attic Insulation Technician and part of the Attic Health Team!

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