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Want to safely lower your heating and cooling costs? You need to hire professionals that intimately understand roof insulation. Why? To create conditions that reduce the levels of required heating and cooling energy. Only educated experts have this experience.


Out with the bad

Attic ridge ventilation keeps your living space comfortable and eliminates moisture damage. 

Expertly installed Roof Insulation

Sometimes the attic area of a residential house is used as a living space.  An extra bedroom, and office, or even a storage space are common. The last thing you want is to be exposed to insulation (a serious health risk) and yet insulation is still required under the roof deck.  This properly maintains temperatures during the cold and hot seasons and is commonly referred to as Roof Insulation.

Roof Insulation for a Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral style roof insulation is not exposed or visible. The ceilings are just under the roof deck. This is often called a Cathedral ceiling or a Cathedral style roof. The application of insulation (and attic soffit and ridge ventilation) in these areas must be installed using specialized materials. Optimum insulation performance reigns supreme.

Insulation plus shingles plus workmanship . . . or else

As with many sloped roofs, the attic spaces can be insulated using a variety of materials. The quality of shingles on your roof also plays a helpful factor. Shingles ultimately protect your home’s roof deck. Should water leak through the shingles and moisten the insulation, the damage can be substantial. The level of quality workmanship during the shingle installation phase can mean the difference between years of excellent performance. Years of costly repairs and high energy bills result.

Your roof deck is the true Boss – here’s why

Most roofing companies will gladly install new shingles to your roof deck. Very few are educated enough to implement the insulation and ventilation components. When these critical components are missing or not properly installed, a dominoes effect occurs. Sooner or later the very structure and integrity of your house’s roof and insulations properties plummet. Never go with the lowest price when hiring a roofing company. Your roof is the guardian of your ENTIRE HOUSE.

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Nothing says “competence” more than educated experience. This is our priority. Our customers are surprised because we find the root causes to their attic problems. After hiring other contractors (all in vain) they are delighted and shocked that we discovered the root causes and were able to permanently end their problems.

Seeing the big picture

We consider your attic as a living, breathing part of your entire house. Your house functions much like a Rubik’s Cube. It is a perfect mechanism. No band-aid repair approach will work. The bigger picture gives us the ability to provide truly helpful service to you, every time.

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