Solar Roof Fans

Zero energy residential attic ventilation solutions

Do you really need solar roof fans?

Solar roof fans are a secondary choice: The best choice is wind-driven ridge ventilation. But in some cases, the amount of ridge footage on a roof is not sufficient for ridge ventilation systems to work. This is when solar roof fans can truly come to the rescue.

What Exactly are Solar Roof Fans?

Solar roof fans are an energy-wise method to ventilate your home’s attic spaces to decrease your energy bills and to make a huge improvement to our environmental footprint. The question is, will solar roof fans save you money in the long run?

Why GO Solar?

Most experts agree that our energy consumption is damaging the entire planet. We all know how real these damages have become and we DO have some excellent choices to help stop and IMPROVE this critical global situation, starting now – from home. Though nobody wants to be a doomsday fanatic, we surely must agree that a big problem exists and it is well within our capabilities to help move into a newer, cleaner, and safer future.

Are Solar Roof Fans Worth the “Green”?

At Attic Health, our goal is not to bombard you with “products for sale”. We simply mean to help you “clean up your act” so to speak. And speaking of cost, we are always keeping up with the latest residential solar technology,  cost, and new developments – our main goal is to educate. The cost from an environmental perspective is extremely worth the cost – or rather investment – an investment in our future and for our children and grandchildren.

From time to time, we will be offering residential solar products, such as solar roof fans, that you can buy to immediately improve your energy consumption and save a bundle in the long run. We urge you to serious consider any solar products offered on this site – we are here to help. Solar roof fans are one small way to enhance your attic ventilation the green way.

Alternative choices when continuous attic ridge ventilation is not structurally possible.

Creating attic air movement often demands a combination of ventilation methods. The choices listed below are the most popular, starting from lowest strength to best strength being solar roof fans.

residential attic ventilation static roof vent brown

Static Roof Vents

These roof vents create almost zero air movement. Not recommended for an alternative for roof ridge ventilation. In addition, they tend to get plugged with leaves and debris.

residential attic ventilation turbine roof vent

Turbine Roof Vents

Wind-powered and creates good amounts of air movement. Do not install as a replacement for continuous ridge ventilation. Known to cease up if not maintained properly.

attic ventilation gable vents

Gable Vents

Though not technically a roof vent, they act more as an open window to let the breeze enter an attic space. Not recommended if any ridge / soffit ventilation system is currently installed.

residential attic ventilation solar roof fan

Solar Roof Fans

These solar-powered roof ventilation fans create strong air movement. Do not use to replace continuous ridge ventilation, Learn more about the benefits of solar roof fans.

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